James Metz

Hello, all(World)! Thank you so much for stopping by my website! My name is James Metz and this website is dedicated to tracking my IT journey. I was first infected by the IT bug at the end of 2019. I needed a new computer for gaming as my old laptop could not handle its current workload. With the approval/encouragement from my amazing girlfriend, I was on the market to build my first gaming PC. This set a flame that has yet to die out. I went down the rabbit hole, building computers non-stop, cryptocurrency mining, and learning everything I can that was IT-related! At the beginning of 2020, I completed ACI Learning’s Computer User Support Specialist IT Program to give myself a launch into the IT industry. Throughout my professional experience in IT, I have continued learning and completing projects to gain experience to move up! I am currently looking to move into a new role to challenge myself and grow as an IT professional!

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